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Heey Guys and Gilrs

First sorry English is not my first language.
No my problem I have written a Quest dictionary.


Now I want the variable isQuestactive set to ture with the funtion:

func activateQuest(QuestID):
ID]["isQuestactive?"] = true

What happens now is that the variable isQuestactive remains false and a new entry is added to the dictionary with variable isQuestactive: true

How can i set isQuestactive to true?

can someone help me with this problem? thanks in advance :)

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You named the key is_Quest_active but are setting the key is_Quest_active? (with a question mark in the end). Here's a working example:

var QuestDictionary = {
    "QUEST0": {
        "Quest_Name": "Farming",
        "is_Quest_active": false
    "QUEST1": {
        "Quest_Name": "Mining",
        "is_Quest_active": false

func _ready():
    print("Quests before: ", QuestDictionary)
    print("Quests after: ", QuestDictionary)

func activate_Quest(QuestID):
    QuestDictionary[QuestID]["is_Quest_active"] = true
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