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Hi, i'm new to Godot and game development in general so this might be kind of a beginner question. I'm trying to build my level out of a single TileMap node, but the Sprite i have is too big for the TileMap cell. The collision and everything works, i just can't find the Scale property on the TileMap inspector. Even making the single Tile separately in a different scene and scaling it, it's still the same size when i import it as a TileSet. Help?

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Have you read this part of the documentation? You can define the cell size by selecting your TileMap-node in the scene tree, unfolding the section called "Cell" in the property inspector and setting the size to the value you desire.

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Yes, i've read that. My problem is that i want a specific size for my tiles, and the sprite is bigger than the grid cells. I don't need to make the cells bigger, i need to make the sprites smaller

There is no scale-property for tiles. If your sprites are bigger than your cell-size, rescale them with the image editor of your choice.

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