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I realize Wayland support is still in development for 4.0 - is development to a point where it might be possible to get a simple 3D developer demo for Linux, similar to "es2gears_wayland" in mesa-utils-extra?

I'm currently working with the Google Coral AI Board (based off the NXP iMX8 SoC series) and want to check the capabilities of this engine with some very light 3D with hardware acceleration (Vivante GC7000L GPU). However, after researching it looks like the iMX8 series does not have any hardware acceleration support for X11, only Wayland. Before I go all in with Godot I wanted to do some benchmarks, but in it's current state I believe the board is rendering over xwayland with software rendering and the result is not optimal.

Board Specs: https://coral.ai/docs/dev-board/datasheet/

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