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Hi All!

I'm trying to use 3d path finding with navmesh tiles and gridmaps.

In my mesh library i have plane tiles, each of which is a mesh instance (plane) with navigationMeshInstance as its child.

In the main scene, the tree is:
Root node
-- Navigation

This works for nodes which move along paths towards targets whose global transforms are set in code.

BUT, the player node is to move along a path from whatever its position towards a clicked point (point and click movement).

I'm using this function to return the target point for the player node:

func raycast_from_mouse(mouse_position, collision_mask):
    var ray_start = camera.project_ray_origin(mouse_position)
    var ray_end = ray_start + camera.project_ray_normal(mouse_position) * ray_length
    var space_state = get_world().direct_space_state
    return space_state.intersect_ray(ray_start, ray_end, [], collision_mask)

I then set the collision mask in a separate function which returns a 'collider' point towards which to move.

This method works great for baked navmeshes but the raycast doesn't seem to be colliding with meshlib tiles... Anyone know why?

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Right, solved. Found the answer in the docs. The intersect_ray method only collides with bodies, which I managed to overlook. My tiles were just meshes with collision shapes... There I go.

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