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I'm trying to create a method that I call between my splash and main menu to instantiate and record all spawn positions from my levels. I'm getting an !is_inside_tree() error, likely since I'm trying to iterate over children directly after adding the node to my tree.

func get_spawn_position_from_stage():
    for path in stage_paths:
        # instance level to get spawnpoint
        var stage_path = path
        var temp_level = preloaded_level_dict[stage_path].instance()
        var canvas_layer = CanvasLayer.new()
        canvas_layer.layer = -9999
        var point
        for child in temp_level.get_children():
            if child.name == "SpawnPoint":
                point = child.global_position

Any way around this? In short, I want to instantiate, iterate over, then free super quickly.

I tried embedding the iteration over children into a separate method that I use a call_deferred() to call, but no luck.

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Is there a reason why you need to add them to the tree? Do spawn points appear only in _ready or something? Because otherwise you could simply do a tree traversal and even save some time (a bunch of extra logic runs when a node enters the tree).

Otherwise, would be interesting to know which line causes the error.

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