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I want to implement such a task. When the game starts, 3 video screensavers are played which can be skipped by pressing the spacebar. How do I understand this is implemented through the Videoplayer Node and script?
And as I understand it, Godot only supports Ogv and Webm video formats. since he does not see mp4 and avi.

I am new to Godot, I study only in programming. Now I'm learning python to get a basic understanding of GDScript, which I don’t currently understand. I tried visual script, and I understood the approximate algorithm. And Native Script for those who write in C ++, C #, NIM, D, C, Python.

I also have a list of tasks that I want to do in my game. How do you think they can be implemented using: GDScript, Visaul Script or Python?

Thank you all in advance for your answers

A list of what creteries I want to see in the game
In-game video support
Cut scenes
time event clip
3-person camera
Shooting mechanics (shoot, throw)
The mechanics of tricks like in spider-man 3
Shader support
The presence of third-party quests
Day and night
Cinematographed Diologists
Pick up items and throw
AI basic and personal bosses
Cheat codes
Character change in the allotted moments
The panel for changing all the characters that is available after passing the game
City map
Urban behavior and a random event system. And the hero rating

as well as individual battles with the main bosses

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