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I am trying to rotate some objects so that they connect to each other to form a series of pipes, i want to conect (join) them.
pdt: im creating the objects from a 3d coordinates file,each coordinate is the starting point of each pipe.
I'm basically trying to connect points (coordinates) through pipes

i created the objects and
I managed to create the necessary objects for each pair of coordinates and was able to find the necessary distance to connect them (a simple vector difference), the only problem I have is that I can't rotate them correctly, any ideas?
Thanks in advance!!

code of the rotated objects (v = list of coordinates):

    var i=0
while i < len(v)-1:
    var csgCil = csgTunel.instance()
    var vecActual = Vector3(v[i+1]-v[1])
    var largo
    var ax
    var ay
    var az

    largo =v[i].distance_to(v[i+1])
    ax = vecActual.angle_to(vx)
    ay = vecActual.angle_to(vy)
    az = vecActual.angle_to(vz)

unrotated objects

bad rotated objects

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Your post seems to be incomplete. Probably images are missing?

A simple method to let one object point at another is to use the looking_at method of Transform. I.e. assigning the result of transform.looking_at(othernode.transform.origin, Vector3(0,1,0)) to its transform.

This should work as long as your pipe meshes are oriented along the z-axis.

Thank you!! i posted the images

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Did you try using "look_at" ?

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