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Hello, i have a strange situation. I have written so far some game code, at my PC it works pretty well with target 40fps it takes only 1-6% of cpu. However when i export it to .apk, and run it at my Xiaomi RedRice (1gb ram, 4x1.2GHz cpu, android 4.2.2) i have less than 2 fps (with cpu usage under 20%), and it is completely unplayable.

Some more information:
- i am useing Godotv2.0.4.1stablewin64 editor, and Godotv2.0.4.1stableexport_templates
- it is a 3d project
- info from task manager: http://imgur.com/yXgRVm5
- video mem usage: http://imgur.com/dzQdoll
- info form godot editor: http://imgur.com/tZYmb8O

When i reduced the amount of 3d model, reminds the same.
So.. my question is: How Godot deals with exporting to android, is it some sort of engine problem? Or just code that i wrote is completely useless even though works great at PC?

If You need more information just tell me what to upload.

asked Jul 31, 2016 in Engine by Piotr Bartela (16 points)
edited Jul 31, 2016 by Piotr Bartela

If the game already runs under 60 fps on PC, I would expect worse performance on a mobile device. If reducing the amount of geometry doesn't helps, you could attach with adb and see if there is an error spamming?

No i didnt. My bad.

The game was running under 60 fps because i wanted it to. In the Project Settings - Application i have selected targer_fps to 40. Because i wanted to reduce performance costs. As you can see for 40fps that was only 0.001142 (see at picture info from godot editor).
Of course i can change it to 60, and it still works great: http://imgur.com/H96YYVN
And there are no errors in console, both when i run it on PC and android.

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