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I m making a game in which player runs inside a circle , and the circle opens at random places , I need some help to open the circle at random places .

Your help shall be highly appreciated !

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There could be many ways to do that.
How did you make player runs inside a circle?

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You could make it so each segment of the circle has an id associated with it. Each segment could live under a parent with a script attached that takes an id, and calls open() on whichever child has that id. In code, that might look like:

var segments = {}

func _ready():
    for c in get_children():
        if "id" in c:
            segments[c.id] = c

func open_segment(id):

func open_rand_segment():
    var i = rand_range(0, segments.size())

Of course, this varies greatly depending on implementation details.

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