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Already asked this on Reddit with no answers, so I thought I try here.

I was playing around making a 3d Game and decided to test the Performance by checking the FPS with

func _process(delta):

attached to Label. The structure was MainScene/Control/Label. I got arround 3000-4000 Fps since it's just simple shapes without textures. I then decided to move all of this into my Player Scene, which the MainScene gets an instance from. The FPS fell to about 400 FPS.

However, if I add a Control/Label in my MainScene again, even if there is no Script attached to them and it does absolutely nothing, I still get 4000 FPS again. How come I lose 9/10th of my performance when I move the script to another Scene and why does it increase again if I have an empty Label in my MainScene? Any ideas that could explain this?

I should also add that my GPU is at 70 percent doing 4000 FPS and at 30 percent doing 400 FPS.

Furthermore I noticed that this didn't happen on my Linux installation, so I guess it may be an issue related to the Windows OpenGl drivers for AMD, as opposed to the Mesa drivers on Linux.

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Unfortunately, AMD's Windows OpenGL drivers exhibit consistently worse performance compared to NVIDIA or Intel. This isn't an issue with Vulkan, so this should be solved in Godot 4.0.

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