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Hi Guys, I've stumbled upon this cool looking sky shader and proceeded to download it from github. How does one go about integrating a sky shader like this in a project?

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The github-repository contains an example project, you just need to import it and take a look... In any other project you will need to create a new ShaderMaterial and copy the shader code.

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OK, so after posting the project files I did steps 1 and 2. Didn't occur to me to reset the camera, which I've just done now. The viewport seems to be working fine now (ie, the shader fills the screen etc) however the clouds are not generating. There are some clouds right after starting the scene but they're not mapped correctly (seem very elongated). They quickly fly away and top gets filled with plain grey sky with no new clouds moving across. Is that the same for you?

Is that the same for you?

No. I downloaded the project you provided, only changed what I mentioned above and after that it looked like in the video. No idea why it would look different for you. :(

OK I've got this to work (one other setting was incorrect on import). I realised however that it isn't possible to just import this into an existing project (happy to be corrected). The shader renders in viewport and therefore affects all materials. You can see what I mean if you place any mesh in front of the camera and give it a spatial material. The sky looks fine but all my other materials have become purple and transparency on png textures does not work. Presumably, I'd have to turn them all into shader materials to get this to work.

Still trying to survive through this bug, can you be more specific sir archelot?

Still trying to survive through this bug, can you be more specific sir archelot?

https://godotengine.org/qa/user/njamster has helped you alot and you cant say spesificly what was the third error, just say "happy to be corrected" Please utter them Sir! https://godotengine.org/qa/user/Macryc

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