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Hello. I have custom modules with godot.
The question: compatible the C headers and C++ bindings of official godot? (i think no)
The second question: How to get C headers? How to get C++ bindings?

asked Mar 16 in Engine by MegaGeneral (24 points)
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There are several ways to do C++ in Godot. Do you want to use GDNative or a module integrated to the engine?

Now i use both. The module for engine improvement, and gdnative in other parts, for camera movement as example. I.e. i just want to make c++ bindings with custom module which can be used in gdnative.

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I was really hoping this one would have an answer. I would love to be able to combine GDNative scripting with C++ modules.

answered Jul 26 by colobus734 (14 points)
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