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In godot everything is sharp, the circles are round and the triangles straight, but on the smartphone these things are no longer sharp, the are pixelated.

Can you change anything about it?

Here are some pictures:

Rect 1200x1200px

Ball 1200x1200px

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What screen resolution (pixels) has your phone. If you don't know that: What exact make & model is it?

The ball image is 362px × 245px (depite the link saying otherwise)
The Rect image is 367px × 355px

So these either aren't screenshots or the phone is changing resolutions at will.

What do you use to render these images? Textureareas? Sprites?
Is your app using GLES2 or GLES3?

I guess it is a 2D app?

So the resolution of the ball and the square is 1200X1200px (I painted it myself) They are sprites and one is used in a RidigBody2D and the other in an Area2D.
The pictures I show I have screenshoted from my cell phone and enlarged so that you can see it .
I run Godot with GLES3 .
The smartphone has 5.84 inches of screen and a resolution of 1080x2280 pixels. (Huawei P20 Lite).
Its A 2D APP right.

I'm not too experienced with 2d (my app runs in 3D). But I guess there's some filtering taking place on your windows or linux godot which is disabled on the mobile version.

Check your preferences concerning "rendering/qality": Framebuffer and Filters. There exist different settings for desktop OS and ".mobile". Maybe mipmap / msaa filters make a difference.

I think i changed everything what i can change.
But it still looks like this. Any other options?

You make it extremely difficult for people to judge your problem when you "manipulate" your screen shots (cropping, enlarging!) before you post them here. Just a screenshot of the game on the phone and of the game window in windows/linux for comparison would've been more helpful.

Have a look on this page:

There is an example for the different stretch settings (see your project settings). Maybe you set "viewport" as stretch mode.

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