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I created a game, exported it to android, and then runned it on an android device. But whenever i click on the apk it just flips the screen(because my game is landscape) and then the game closes. In short, the game is not opening on the android device. Please help. How can i fix this problem? I really need some guidance and help.

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Well, if Engine.has_Singletom("Admob") returns false, I have a couple questions.

First, check in your Project Settings. There's a section for Android. Do you have org/godotengine/godot/GodotAdMob in the Modules list?

Also, check through the hidden files of your game. There should be a folder labeled "android". In the "build" folder within that, you should have your "admob-lib". Is it in there?

Yes i do have "org/godotengine/godot/GodotAdMob" in the modules list.
But there is no folder labeled "android". What should i do? Thank you for your precious time and reply.

Do you have the Android Build Template?

If not, open the Project tab, and click on Install "Android Build Template..." That will generate the necessary folders for your project.

Done... i had installed the android build template and now it is opening and not crashing. But now, it just loops between 2 screens and the game not starts in android. The first screen is godot symbol followed by "godot game engine" written. Then the next screen is just a blank black screen. First, the first screen comes, then second,then again first and so on and the game never starts. What should i do?

Hrm… and you have previously set the main scene that should open up when you run the game?

Perhaps get the LogCat output. Filter it for only Godot messages.

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I found that some problems with running the game are from puting sprites or pictures with different language than english or some symbols. So solution to run the game is to puting in Godot foldders only files with english names and withouth symbols.

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