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Whenever I try to make RPC calls, this error is raised:

ERROR: RPC 'sync_property' is not allowed on node /root/map1/Player2 from: 444705115. Mode is 0, master is 444705115.

Why? It causes my program to not work properly and I have no clue why.

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As far as I can tell this error is also raised if either the function does not exits (e.g. typo) or the requested function is not inside the same script as the rpc call. Hope this solved your issue

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It seems you're trying to call the rpc without the permission to do so.
You can restrict rpc permissions with master / remotesync / remote / puppet keywords.

So currently you're probably calling rpc from a client on a function marked with master.

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Actually, the function is marked with remote.

Okay, I just tried using all of those keywords in front of the function and the same error is raised every time.

I just came across this problem myself. The issue was a typo in the RPC call to the function. I called the function the wrong name.

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