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I am making an RPG-style game using a dialog-box addon. The problem is that when I play my game in the editor, it almost always crashes right away. Before I installed the dialog-box addon, I didn't have this trouble. The logs aren't any help. The addon is called A Dialog Box and the author is Divirad. The problem seems to be when the dialog box is instantiated, the game crashes.

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Just tested the add-on, works fine for me! Do you get any errors or warnings? Does this problem occur in all your projects or just this one? Maybe you can upload it somewhere?

I only use the addon in the one project. Maybe something conflicts, but I'll have to find it myself (I don't want to upload it, I plan to monetize it.) The errors are just a few warnings about float-to-int conversions and some unreachable code after a return. Completely unrelated. It's probably not the addon, rather something I did wrong with it. I'll look at it.

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Fixed it. Turns out, you shouldn't reparent it at start. I'm an idiot.

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