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So I am trying out 3D on Godot for the first time. But I am having issue with the textures not displaying properly.

When running the (web) build on a PC browser, it appears fine:

But on mobile browser, it's kind of a disaster:

Any ideas on why this might be?
I am new to Godot and any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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Is Project Settings > Fallback To Gles2 true? It looks like the material's alpha cutoff isn't working. Here's an issue that's similar to this. It can happen the mobile is falling back onto GLES2.

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UPDATE : Hey, so I figured it out. I just needed to enable the VRAM texture compression for mobile. I did that, and the textures are fine.

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how did you enable vram compression. i am facing the same issue textures not showing up on mobile

Can you explain how you to enable VRAM?

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