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This function is capable of converting any string that has gone through json back into a vector2() their by makeing it easyer to store vector2()s in a file, and retrieve them. :)

cords = "(1324, 1654)"
var x = cords.left(cords.find(" "))
var y = cords.right(cords.find(" "))
cords = Vector2(x,y)

just wanted to let everyone use it because I couldn't find one that was already made.

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I think this could work equally as well in your use case:

var cords = "(1324, 1654)"
var some_vector = var2str("Vector2" + cords)

Edit: Wouldn't saving the Vector2 to JSON using str2var() be more convenient? This way, the string can be passed directly to var2str() without the need to concatenate it.

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Yes use str2var and var2str:

var coords = vector2(1234, 1654)

func savefile():

func load_file
file open etc... to json etc
coords = Vector2(str2var(json["coords"]))

I tried to make string Vector3(1,2,3) into actual Vector3. For me it worked with str2var("Vector3(1,2,3)"). It became Vector3.

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