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Hello! I uploaded an html game (with settings for smartphones) to GameJolt. Everything works for me, but my friend doesn’t.
I have android 9. I ran the game through the built-in MIUI browser.
Friend have iOS 13.3. He ran the game through the Safari browser.
When loading the game, an error popped up.
What is the problem here?

link to the game: https://gamejolt.com/games/Space_Shooter/469935

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If you can post / screenshot the actual error it would be better.
For the record, it loaded fine on my side, Firefox under Linux (except only responding to mouse and not keyboard keys).

Actually, here is the error:
"abort (114) build with - s ASSERTIONS = 1 for more info".

The fact that the game only responds to the mouse is normal.
Touching the screen simply emulates mouse clicks.

In order to play on the keyboard, run "Web-PC".

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