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I can't get custom build for android with godot engine. The project gives the following error on the gradle screen. It also fails when I build with godot engine scons. Please help me.

My editor settings:
My editor settings

My export settings

Custom build error

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how does the build.gradle looks like? what modules are you using?


// Gradle build config for Godot Engine's Android port.
// Do not remove/modify comments ending with BEGIN/END, they are used to inject
// addon-specific configuration.
apply from: 'config.gradle'

buildscript {
    apply from: 'config.gradle'

    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath libraries.androidGradlePlugin

apply plugin: 'com.android.application'

allprojects {
    repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation libraries.supportCoreUtils

    if (rootProject.findProject(":lib")) {
        implementation project(":lib")
    } else {
        // Custom build mode. In this scenario this project is the only one around and the Godot
        // library is available through the pre-generated godot-lib.*.aar android archive files.
        debugImplementation fileTree(dir: 'libs/debug', include: ['*.jar', '*.aar'])
        releaseImplementation fileTree(dir: 'libs/release', include: ['*.jar', '*.aar'])

android {
    compileSdkVersion versions.compileSdk
    buildToolsVersion versions.buildTools

    defaultConfig {
        // Feel free to modify the application id to your own.
        applicationId getExportPackageName()
        minSdkVersion versions.minSdk
        targetSdkVersion versions.targetSdk

    lintOptions {
        abortOnError false
        disable 'MissingTranslation', 'UnusedResources'

    packagingOptions {
        exclude 'META-INF/LICENSE'
        exclude 'META-INF/NOTICE'

    // Both signing and zip-aligning will be done at export time
    buildTypes.all { buildType ->
        buildType.zipAlignEnabled false
        buildType.signingConfig null

    sourceSets {
        main {
            manifest.srcFile 'AndroidManifest.xml'
            java.srcDirs = [
            res.srcDirs = [
            aidl.srcDirs = [
            assets.srcDirs = [
        debug.jniLibs.srcDirs = [
        release.jniLibs.srcDirs = [

    applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        variant.outputs.all { output ->
            output.outputFileName = "android_${variant.name}.apk"


I use the admob module but it gives the same error in an empty project

Try setting a new project without any modules installed, then check if it gives you the same error, and also, can you link the module's github?

The github page of the admob module I use: https://github.com/kloder-games/godot-admob

It gives the same error when I create a new project by using no modules.
My empty project android module page:
enter image description here

Gradle error:
enter image description here

if it gives you the same error when you run an empty project it means something in the setup is wrong, try looking at the docs
besides, you were trying to build a module instead of a plugin(godot 3.2+ uses real time build and a plugin system), you can find his port here:

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because of your game files have non-english letters. I was also set my game files's name with japan and turkish letters, while installing to android it was giving license error then I change just file names. değerimi bil :)

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I can custom build on linux operating system with the same files. But I can't do it on windows :) WTF? Yinede teşekkürler :)

I'm getting the same error. But there are no Turkish "character" and "folder" names in the project. There is a translation file csv. Could it be due to this file?

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