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Hello! My 2d platformer game is structured like this:

- tilemap
- player
- enemys

The problem is that the player’s script needs to access the tilemap and other nodes.

If I do get_node(‘/root/level03/tilemap’) it works but then the next level04 won’t work.

If I do getparent().getchild(0) it also works but then I have to remember to keep the same structure all across the levels.

I thought in something like store a variable CURRENTLEVEL=00 and increase it and then just getnode(levelCURRENTLEVEL /tilemap) would be perfect but I can’t make it work
Is there any other way to do it?

Thank you!

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just my idea not sure work or not but

var map_lvl = 1
var node ="level" + map_lvl


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get_tree().root.find_node() i think.

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Definitely you can use variables. Like CURRENTLEVEL you used.
There are many ways to do this, it's about how you construct the program.
An example way to control different levels: Before you start the game, assign which level will lead to which level by using a variable. For example, in level1, you use lead_to_level = LEVEL_2 where LEVEL2 is a level scene.
You can also keep all the level scenes into an array if you want.
There are many different ways.

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