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For example, I have a custom resource EventHandler, and I want to export it likeexport (EventHandler) var event. But, if I try this, I will catch an error. I don't want to export basicResource type. Should I write some kind of C++ extension? How can i do this?

asked Feb 12 in Engine by Taburetk (23 points)

Any reason why

export (Script) var event


export (PackedScene) var event

won't work for you?

Script and PackedScene are engine resources, custom resources are something different.

I see. Where could I read up on custom resources? Never used them so far.

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I'm not sure to remember what was the status on this, but the following thread may help: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/6763
It's very old, you may need to read a bit.

answered Feb 13 by Zylann (26,157 points)
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