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I'm new to Godot and trying to learn about networking. It seems like every example I have found about multiplayer shows how to make a synchronous lobby system. I would like to make a simplified 3D template that allows the host to press play and load the game and clients can join when they want to.

If the host has their port forwarded. Then they could share their public ip to friends. Allowing a client to connect via join button when they enter the ip address. For now to keep it simple assume it just consists of a main menu where all the information is held. Like player name, ip address, port number, play and join buttons. Which will switch to a game scene where a player is instanced. game scene is blank with area light and uses a simple 3d cube mesh with camera for players.

Also, I am learning and prefer to use GDScript.

Any information on this is appreciated and thanks for your time.

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The official demos repository has some simple examples here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot-demo-projects/tree/master/networking

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