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Hello and thank you in advance to anyone who will share his/her opinion.
I would like to simulate a one way monorail system as per the below schematics.
My approach would be to define 9 path2ds and then - using a reparenting of the Pathfollow2d - I would move the vehicle from the current path to the one connecting to the desired arrival Station.

monorail system schematics

At the moment I have only set up 2 paths and I am only able to move a vehicle from Station A path2d 2 to the Main track path2d 1 via reparenting.
I can not figure out - as an example - how to instruct the vehicle to move from the Main track path2d 1 to the arrival exit track (e.g. Station C path2d 5).
In the final project I would like to have a setup as the above picture and a simple GUi, as per the below picture:
simple gui
I would love to read your suggestions on the following topics:

  1. How would you approach the matter of coding - in Godot - the described system.
  2. If you agree on using multiple 2dPaths and how you would tackle the "exit at Station X" issue
  3. In which way is created - in Godot - a "Station" Object, e.g. an object which stores each station information (name, number of available vehicles currently at the station) and a "Vehicle" Object, e.g. an object which stores each vehicle information (vehicle id, current path, current station, current x, current y).

Thank you for reading, any comment will be highly appreciated.


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The reddit user Arigoru posted his approach to the question here: reddit link alongside a demo video.
Thank you Arigoru!

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