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Hi, i working for mobile platforms.
This file location and File.WRITE working on Windows.

var file_location = "res://save_game.txt"
file.open_encrypted_with_pass(file_location, File.WRITE, OS.get_unique_ID())

But i need help, we how writing game data, Level manager, with godot engine for android platforms.


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Doesn't it work the same way on Android? "res" is independent on platform, isn't it?

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Try user:// instead, it is guaranteed to be writable.
res:// points to the directory where the game is installed, so in many cases (android, program files on windows without admin rights, etc..) it is not accessible.

Edit: see the Data paths tutorial

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user://data.bin = in mobile phone /data/data/org.godotengine.myprojename/files/data.bin

Thanks :)
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