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So i'm trying to move a cgsBox, with na Area node in it, with the mouse. The problema isn't detecting if the box was clicked but its moving it with the cursor. I can't figure out how to move it with out any offset between the box and the mouse and without anything strange happening.
Have you some ideas???

EDIT:Trying to move it in the game.

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Is this in the Editor or in the Game itself while running. It's not clear to me, but I believe you are meaning the editor right?

Can you use the Gizmo for the node? If you click on a Node in your Scene tab, then it should allow you to use a Gizmo that will allow you to manipulate the Node you have selected.

Take a look at my image, see how my CSGBox has a gizmo on it, I can use it to move it with my mouse. You can also move and rotate your node.

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