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Hello! I'll be brief. Imagine Google Earth. There you can rotate the planet around its axis with the mouse. How do I implement this in Godot with another object? Thank you!

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Using InputEventMouseMotion, you get a relative property: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.2/classes/class_inputeventmousemotion.html#class-inputeventmousemotion-property-relative

That tells you how much the mouse has moved (in screen coordinates). Then you use that value to rotate your object around its y axis with rotate_object_local(Vector3.UP, event.relative.x * sensitivity). You can adjust the sensitivity variable to tweak how much the object rotates for a given mouse movement.

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I know that. It allows you to move an object when you move the mouse, and I need the object to rotate when you click on it and scroll further

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