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So, we can do:

export(AudioStreamSample) var Music_Stinger
export(bool) var Trigger_On_Enter

How can I export a CollisionPolygon2D? I have a area2d node saved, which has a child CollisionPolygon2D, it is a trigger for musics and stingers in the game, however, I would like to know if it's possible to expose in the inspector a CollisionPolygon2D similarly like the above, so I could customize a collision shape for the map,

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You can save the CollisionPolygon2D node as a scene, and then export a var like this:

export(String, FILE, "*.tscn") var my_collision_polygon_scene

func _ready():

If the collision polygon node is already in the scene tree for some reason, you can export a NodePath and duplicate the node:

export(NodePath) var my_collision_polygon_node_path

func _ready():
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