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Hi all,

As per the title.

If I have a tilemap and I set it to say 20 tiles wide, then it looks good.
The tiles are the correct size on screen.

If I set it to 400 tiles wide, it scales them down to be tiny.

I then add a new 2D Camera and make it default camera but same thing.

How can I make the tilemap show at the correct size?

Thanks so much

UPDATE: Full example with code and problem here : https://imgur.com/a/AIX9k1b

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Changing the size of a tilemap doesn't change its scale. You must have something else going on there. Maybe if you share some screenshot(s) of what you're seeing it may be more apparent how to help you.

try setting camera2D scale less than 1

Here is all the info:


Thanks for taking a look. I'm tearing my hair out :-)

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I found it.

Code was:

var map_size_px := size * _tile_map.cell_size
get_tree().set_screen_stretch(SceneTree.STRETCH_MODE_2D, SceneTree.STRETCH_ASPECT_KEEP, map_size_px)

Code is now:

var map_size_px := Vector2(600,400)
get_tree().set_screen_stretch(SceneTree.STRETCH_MODE_2D, SceneTree.STRETCH_ASPECT_KEEP, map_size_px)

The calc was wrong on the mapsizepx

Now I can define it manually and it works.

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