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how to simulate a double click mouse button?
Needs a timer?

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func _ready():
    get_node("Button").connect("input_event", self, "on_input")

func on_input(ev):
    if ev.type==InputEvent.MOUSE_BUTTON and ev.is_pressed() and ev.doubleclick:
        print("double clicked !")
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this works for all mouse buttons.
If I want work on a specific button? For example only for left button?

then add ev.button_index==1 too.

Thanks. It Works!
Is there anyway to simulate long press click?
Thanks a lot.

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You have to warp the InputEvent and then check if it is a InputEventMouseButton. Then you can test if it is a double click:

func _ready():

func _input(event):
    if event.type==InputEvent.MOUSE_TYPE
        if event.doubleclick:
            print("double click pressed")

Read this too.

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