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I recently submitted my game to steam for approval on Windows and Linux. Windows was okay, I just needed to include the vc2015 redistributables.

Linux is a whole other problem as it needs to run on SteamOS.
The problem is, SteamOS uses some ancient version of GLIBC (2.19).

I see two paths to resolve this:
(1) package up and ship my own system .so files my game depends on, which isn't apparently ideal and may lead to random crashes/problems.

(2) build my game on a system that has GLIBC 2.19. I've been trying to use Ubuntu 14 LTS which has the same GLIBC version, but it has old gcc and I'm having trouble getting mingw working on there for cross compilation.

Has anyone successfully got a Godot game building and running on SteamOS? If so, how have you done it?

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