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I am trying to create png files using Microsoft paint and import them into my godot project, however every time I do it loads the image with a white rectangle around it. I don't know what I am doing wrong but it seems like there should be an easy fix.

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Maybe post a screenshot so we can see what went wrong.


Here's an image of the problem

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The white rectangle supposed to be the transparency color, but I think on paint doesn't work. Try to use another program, like Aseprite, GraphicsGale, etc.

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Looks like Microsoft Paint did not produce a transparent image. It makes sense though, by default it's a white canvas (hence the white you see in Godot). You may want to erase all background if you want it to be transparent. I don't know how it's done (I don't use ms paint) but looks like there are ways https://www.wikihow.tech/Make-a-Background-Transparent-in-Paint

You could also try other programs such as Paint.NET, Gimp, Aseprite or Piskel.

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if you are making pixel art assets for your game you should use aseprite as its great for it and it prevents the white color around your image .you can getfreee version of this program by searching on chrome

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