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How do I Make Local MyLineEdit node, programmatically via script?
I need this so if I make a change to the original MyLineEdit scene, it does not affect the one I added in the Control Scene. I tried changing the owner of the instance, but does not seem to work.

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This is what the engine C++ does:

    undo_redo->create_action(TTR("Make Local"));
    undo_redo->add_do_method(node, "set_filename", "");
    undo_redo->add_undo_method(node, "set_filename", node->get_filename());
    _node_replace_owner(node, node, root);
    undo_redo->add_do_method(scene_tree, "update_tree");
    undo_redo->add_undo_method(scene_tree, "update_tree");

So I assume a GDScript equivalent would be (without undo/redo):


I guess this turns the instance into a non-instance.

Yep that did it. Thanks for looking it up. Would be nice if that were a single method.

I guess setting the filename to empty string, severs the relationship from the original scene. Interesting.


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see comment above.

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