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On AI node:

func _process(delta):
    var distance2opponent = self.transform.origin.distance_to(get_node("../Player").transform.origin)
    if distance2opponent < 5 and $Tween2.is_active():

On Player node:

func _process(delta):
    var distance2opponent = self.transform.origin.distance_to(get_node("../AI").transform.origin)
    if distance2opponent < 5 and $Tween1.is_active():

I tried using this script to have two meshes (A.I. and Player) check their distance between each other. If they get within 5 units of each other they're supposed to stop, but they just end up ignoring it can going right through each other. They're both only moving on the z axis.

I know the functions are being called because it prints the distance like it's supposed to a bunch of times till getting to 0 (When the two meshes stop based off the tween). But round is ignored, as well as the stop call. There are no errors popping up in the debugger.


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I notice that in the A.I. enemy, the line var distance2opponent = self.transform.origin.distance_to(get_node("../Player").transform.origin) has the property "transform". Maybe it needs to be ā€¯global_transform"?

Nope, just does the same thing. The nodes understand where each other are; I can see it in the debugger, because it prints the distance2opponent variable, every frame. But they don't stop, they ignore the rest of the commands.

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This looks incorrect, unless you really have a variable named Tween containing the object your tween is animating (which would conflict with the class of the same name). Check my answer in https://godotengine.org/qa/56132/why-does-tween-stop-need-an-argument

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