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So im making a simple 2D game and im having some problems with collision.
I want my character to basically die,trigger a Particle2D node and restart the scene when he collides with an object.When he collides the game crashes and i get the error:

Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'defeat' in base 'Area2D (player.gd)'

The obstacle node is connected to onobstacles

This is the code on the player script :
var defeated=false

func _defeat():



And this is the code in the obstacle script :

 func _on_obstacles_area_enter( area ):

Idk why the script doesnt recognize the defeat function on the player script.

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Try func defeat(): instead of func _defeat():

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Tried it,got this error:

Invalid call to function 'defeat' in base 'Area2D (player.gd)'. Expected 0 arguments.

Im still lost ..

You sure it didn't say invalid call to function 'defeated' in base 'Area2D (player.gd)'. Expected 0 arguments.

because this defeated(true) might need to be changed to defeated = true.

These are a good read, and it might clear somethings up for you.

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