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The wiki says that set_linear_velocity shouldn't be used every frame, exception when in _integrate_forces. But i'm doing a component-based architecture and my component needs to set it every frame! What do I do? Is there a way to get the state of the Rigidbody without using _integrate_forces?

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Create an integrate_forces signal, then implement _integrate_forces in the RigidBody like this:

extends RigidBody

signal integrate_forces( state )

func _integrate_forces( state ):
    emit_signal( "integrate_forces", state )

Then the component can just connect the signal to its own desired function:

extends YourComponentType

func _ready():
    get_node("path/to/rigidbody").connect( "integrate_forces", self, "_on_rigidbody_integration")

func _on_rigidbody_integration( state ):
    # your integration code here

Make sure not to establish the connection with the CONNECT_DEFERRED flag, or integration will be over by the time the connected function is called.

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Didn't knew about the signals, that eases everything. Much thanks!

Messed up the connect code, fixed now

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