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im making a plugin, that lists all game/project objects (scenes), and i need to get the class_name and icon from the scenes instead of messing with files.

to be clear, get:

class_name name,"picture.png"

for example:

var scene = load("res://scene.tscn").instance()
var icon = scene.get_class_icon()
var name = scene.get_class_name()

is it possbale at all?

asked Nov 20, 2019 in Projects by AiTechEye (101 points)
retagged Nov 20, 2019 by AiTechEye

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Class documentation

just use getscriptclassname() and getscriptclassicon_path()

answered Nov 25, 2019 by blank (130 points)
selected Jan 9 by AiTechEye

i do not have any experience of the nativescript.

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