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I created a ButtonDialog scene using Panel as the root and added some buttons as child nodes (see image below).

1) When I instance it as a Control child scene, the child nodes do not show up in the tree. So how does one create a child scene and have all the child nodes show up?

2) In addition I also made the scene as plugin.. But when I add it, the child node buttons that are part of the plugin do not even show up.

ButtonDialog scene
enter image description here

Added here the ButtonDialog scene, both as an instanced scene a child scene and a plugin.
enter image description here

asked Nov 20, 2019 in Engine by wyattb (161 points)

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1) Right click the node and check "editable child objects" (or similar, I use the editor in another language). The child nodes should then show up. You can even edit them which - to my knowledge - will not edit the parent but apply the changes to that instance only. (marked by a little "reverse" circle next to the changed property).

2) I would not use a plugin for that. Plugins are (similar to tool scripts) usually helpful if you want to offer (additional) functionality inside the editor. This could be the case if such a user defined control needs a special dialogue for configuration.

But most functionality can usually be done with the help of tool scripts and external variables.
I can't tell why the plugin fails to show its children without debugging. But as said I wouldn't go that way in this case anyway.

answered Nov 20, 2019 by wombatstampede (3,185 points)
selected Nov 20, 2019 by wyattb
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