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Just a simple question:
I'm creating a jrpg on godot, but idk why type of node to use to create my monsters (AnimatedSprite or AnimationPlayer) and if should I use kinematicBody for them. Which one u guys recommend to me?

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I would recommend you use a kinematic body for the monsters, because 2D monster characters usually have very unrealistic movement, and Kinematic Bodies allow more control.

To my understanding, Animation Players are for animating 3D objects, or things like the node's rotation, position, scale, or other properties the node may have. In your case, you will probably want an Animated Sprite, which is used for sprite animation. (flip book animation style)

I hope this helps, and please comment if anything was unclear. :)

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Thx a lot dude, this helped me a lot :D

Glad it was helpful. :)

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