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Hello everyone
I'm creating a terror game(3D) , and I basically want the TV to play a video when it's turned on, but how can I do it? I tried using viewport and preloadscene but I can't make it work, the TV is a separate scene ...

TV scene = https://imgur.com/gd5Llsj
TV in game = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjG54atV6vc&feature=youtu.be

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I know it's a bit late, and if you've found an answer please tell us!

For anyone wondering, I think you can't play directly a video. What you could do instead, is the following:
- Extract the individual frame of your video
- Create an AnimatedTexture with the said frames, and place it on your TV screen
- Add a AudioStreamPlayer3D with the sound
- Play them when needed.

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