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Quite strangely, it seems that every tile that has a staticbody is set to collision layer 1. Is it possible to change that?

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Gridmap unfortunately doesn't support collision layer or collision masks yet. That will probably come in 3.0 while 3D is being focused on.

Seems right. I guess I have to reserve the layer 1 to the gridmap.

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You can change the collision layer of a tilemap with the layers property. I dont't think you can do that per tile.

EDIT: answered too fast. Gridmap indeed doesn't have a setting to change the collision layer yet. Will most likely be available in 3.0.

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Sorry but I'm talking about gridmaps. Tilemaps are for 2D.

Oops I answered too fast. Gridmap doesn't have a setting for this indeed...

Anyone know what's the status of this issue now? Is there a programmatic way to workaround this limitation?

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