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This is my first day using Godot and I have encountered a very strange problem:
I am using v3.1.1 stable mono and have been trying to learn how to use C# (the language I am most familiar with, coming from a Unity background) to do various things, including printing information to the console, which I was able to do up until a few hours ago. Now I get this strange series of errors in the console, and no print output, but my project still runs just fine.

This is what the console shows:

(if for some reason that picture doesn't show up u can also find it here)

Anyway yeah it's real weird. I have reinstalled the engine and tried printing things in subsequent new and empty projects but it still shows the same errors in the output and doesn't print anything.

Any ideas?

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Well, strangely, after shutting down my computer and opening it up again today the errors are gone and printing is working again. Very strange.

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