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So whenever i open godot engine which im using windows 10 on , when im about to create a new project and i have to name it and stuff when im writing it has delay and the engine itself its like laggy and it bugs out like it closes the window of creating a new project randomly.When i type "New game" for example i press the n , nothing then i press the e and then the n appears and so on.Its really weird please i need help i really want to use this game engine to make games.

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You are using Godot 3.1.1 Standard Version?

Which graphics card are you using and which driver version?
Perhaps there exists a driver for your card/chipset with a better OpenGL support.

How is the CPU-load?

Does this also happen when you start Godot with the GLES2 Renderer?

<godot-executablename> --video-driver GLES2

You'll see all parameters when your start the godot executable from the command-line with the "--help" parameter.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ^-^ !!! now the applicaction works perfectly i used the --video-driver GLES2 command and everything is just fine now also the app takes less to launch and its much faster thank you again, also sorry for the reply being a little late.

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