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Using Godot 3.2.alpha with extra modules, could compile and run extra modules examples on Android, by following the excellent guide at https://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/development/compiling/compiling_for_android.html#doc-compiling-for-android.

But for this project I really need the godot app on android devices to receive and send Osc messages on a local network to other apps/machines.

Currently there are 2 Osc implementations: gdosc as a module ( https://github.com/djiamnot/gdosc ), and GDNative Osc ( https://github.com/frankiezafe/gdosc ). Both work fine on desktops. Could not make any of these apps run OSC on Android.


  • exporting GDNative Osc example to Android works and runs, but fails to send/receive Osc messages, complaining in logcat about missing function calls (GDNative Osc bin folder only provides binaries for windows, mac, linux, so I guess I would need and android build of the GDNative module). How could I compile a binary of the dynamic library to Android platform? Sorry, it's not obvious to me, and the SConstruct file only has options for desktop platforms, which I can build on my machine. This would be the preferred path, as the Osc working code is simpler than gdosc.

  • as the first didn't work, I tried to export the older godot module Gdosc to the android platform. After some fixes to the code I managed to export both the editor and android templates .apk, which succeed in exporting and running applications on android devices with custom modules. The modieified code runs fine on desktops with the standard example, but all I get from the working gdosc example on desktops, is a black screen on Android when the app launches and no information on logcat, so I am a bit lost.

I just need a simple working osc implementation on Android for this project, either of these options seem great, but so far failed to make them work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Got it working with PacketPeerUDP
Still Osc would be nice

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I'm using an extern librairy oscp5.jar

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