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So I tried to install Godot today. I downloaded the compressed folder, and extracted it using FYZip. I double clicked the installer, and it opened two windows.

The first had a black background, and I want to say it was a Python Terminal, but I'm not sure.

The second was totally blank.

When the second window opens, there's that little popup. If I choose to Debug, both windows close and nothing happens. Closing the program does the same.

1) Has anyone had this problem, and if you have, how did you get around it?

2) Would building it from source work?

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Version of Windows? Could be a video driver issue, check you have the latest.

Also try moving the installation folder. Godot searches its own folder on startup and might not have sufficient rights.

What's your graphics adapter? You can see it by pressing Windows+R then running the program dxdiag, in the Display section of that program.

@duke_meister: I seem to have the latest. When I try to update, a popup tells me I have the best driver for my computer.

@Warlaan: I tried that, but it's stopping the same as before.

@Calinou: My adapter is a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M.

try to install latest driver from nvidia.

My drivers are up to date.

Did you tried to re-download it and extracting with another extractor such as 7zip? Also, is your PC a laptop?

You still didn't say your version of Windows. It's not Vista is it?

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Going out on a limb here to say that GPU is not gonna cut it. It's an M GPU so it's a laptop. But it's a 10 year old end-of-life GPU that I'm guessing is incompatible with Godot in some way and has very low end specs like 300MhZ clock and only 512Mb of VRAM as well. I could be wrong but that's my guess. I'm not sure if there are min stated specs for Godot.

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That's what I'm starting to think. On Godot's Steam, the only requirements are Windows 7 and OpenGL 2.1+, which I have. Is there actually a way around this, other than buying a new computer?

Maybe check your BIOS settings that the GPU is actually enabled rather than onboard graphics. Otherwise there's a chance Windows has installed the wrong driver and is only detecting 64Mb of VRAM. Are you doing the NVidia update or some other?

As for ways around it, it's not easy changing a laptop GPU..

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