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When testing my game on Android (which it is intended for), I noticed it did not run very smootly. I added fps display and noticed, that on Android it runs at about 35-40 fps while in editor it runs smoothly at 60. I also checked that there was no memory/CPU.

My game is in 2D and uses GLES2. I went over my scripts and there are not any complicated actions in physicsprocess() functions (only changes of positions etc.). Also my game does not use many objects - maximum around 15 at a time.

I searched for similar problems, but cannot find any solutions. Hopefully someone will help me here, thank you.

asked Sep 29, 2019 in Engine by mar.s (13 points)

aren't your textures too big?

The only big one is the texture I use for background, it is 1080x7680 px, which is used for scrolling. All others are not that big.

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I also experience had a similar issue, but I found out that it's usually caused by high CPU temperature when installing a new game, or light2D which is a notorious performance hog

Maybe try to cool down your phone and test your game afterward, or check for expensive loops in physics process

answered Nov 9, 2019 by LoneDespair (271 points)

Thank you for the reply. I used a little bit of Light2D, but I need to use it. The performance issues really annoyed me so I rewrote the project in Unity already.

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