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Hello and sorry for My poor English.
Is it possible to write custom EditorImportPlugin as external NativeScript plugin?

I wish to make EditorImporterPlugin for custom file type, written in C++ as Native Plugin.
Used godot::register_tool_class< MyCustomPluginClass >( ) to register EditorPlugin
however when editor changes focus EditorImportPlugin prints :

**ERROR**: Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_recognized_extensions")) ' is true.
   At: editor/import/editor_import_plugin.cpp:48:get_recognized_extensions() - Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_recognized_extensions")) ' is true.

**ERROR**: Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_importer_name")) ' is true. returned: ""
   At: editor/import/editor_import_plugin.cpp:38:get_importer_name() - Condition ' !(get_script_instance() && get_script_instance()->has_method("get_importer_name")) ' is true. returned: ""

add_import_plugin is called from _enter_tree( ) in working EditorPlugin, yet overrited get_recognized_extensions( ) not printing output.

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I am encountering this issue also. Did you ever figure it out?

I just wrote it in gdscript. Also troublesome was gdlib's option 'Reloadable',
when set to 'true'. When it is set to 'false', it 's not reloading ever focus change
so editor doesn't crash. My current Godot version is 3.3.2.

I am also using 3.3.2. Thanks for telling me about the 'Reloadable' option issue. For now, I'm going to try to bypass needing a EditorImportPlugin by writing the logic for my screen in Rust.

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