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Tile looking how I'd expect after adding it as a new single tile:

tile looking normal

showing the glitches:

glitched tile
a second image of glitched tiles

Can only assume it's something to do with the empty space at the bottom of the tile, but really I have no clue. Any ideas, or should I report this at the godot github?

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I've seen a very similar thing happen with shaders. If I add, say, a blur shader then try to make the rect bigger, the parts that touch the edges of the image makes a line like that. I can resolve it by adding a 1px margin around the edges of the image so that none of the image is touching the edges.

I have seen the same behaviour with godot 3.1.2.
I imported an image and then imported it slightly changed again, trying to add it to an isometric tilemap resulting in the same behaviour.
I think a third reimport "fixed" the problem, but I am not so sure, I am completely new to godot and thought I made a mistake.

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I am currently facing the same issue. This seems to be a bug. Reimporting did not solve the problem.

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