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I'm trying to make a 'Stone Age' clone.
And I'm trying to figure a way to limit my player movement to certain tiles. Meaning that a player can move only on certain tiles.

What I did so far is make two TileMaps one for 'walk-able floor' and one for 'un walk-able floor'. I put them on different collision layers and I have my player only collide with the 'un walk-able floor'. So the player is prevented from entering it:
Here The walkable floor is the brown tiles and the unwalkable are the ones that say 'FLOOR'.

This method is a problem because I have platforms I want to move my player on. (The tiles with the arrows on them) But If all the background is unwalkable, my player will collide with it when he'll be on a platform, so he won't be able to use the platforms to move...

Is there a better way to do this?

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