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Watch the attached image - each time the artwork reaches a 90 degree angle, the rotation seems to "pause" before moving on. It's really distracting...

enter image description here

This is the code that's rotating it;

func _process(delta):
    rotate(radians_per_seconds * delta)

radians_per_seconds is currently 0.5

I think this has something to do with the game running at a low resolution. Is there any way to avoid this? It's not noticeable with faster rotations, but I want a slow rotation.

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Have You tried to animating rotation with an animation palyer ? Its a little bit more work than this simple script but maybe it will not freeze

Thank you for the advice. But I need to get to the heart of the issue because I'll be doing more with rotation and pixel art games in the future.

Np. I know it may be stupid but did You check if it behave the same inside:

    rotate(radians_per_seconds * delta)


Sorry for the delay. I don't think I have that function in Godot 2.4.1, but I doubt that would fix the problem if it did, but thank you though.

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